Medical Aid Clients

Gawie is registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF), which permits him to claim from your medical aid on your behalf. This is subject to the availability of funds in your savings account or medical aid plan for psychological treatment.

The rates for therapy are in line with medical aid tariffs, please contact for a quote.

In the event where a medical aid rejects or partially pays the consultation due to the unavailability of funds, the settlement of outstanding fees or shortfall remains the client’s responsibility.

Private clients (Non-Medical Aid Clients)

The rates for a particular service are discussed, jointly agreed upon, and settled before each consultation. The methods of cash payments for private clients are:

  • Please Note

It is the liability of the client to ensure their medical aid plan provides for psychological treatment.

It is the client’s liability to ensure that all outstanding fees are settled.



Gawie Stols
BA Hons Theology (RAU), B. Psych (NMMU), MA Clin Psych (NMMU)
Clinical Psychologist

HPCSA Number: PS0127388
Practice Number: 0620254

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